Digital Coaxial Strain Sensor Kit



Making Strain measurements in the field has never been easier!
Our digital coax strain sensors give the user direct digital surface strain
measurement. Offered in a rugged oil and water resistant case for bolt-on
or adhesion mounting, eliminating the need for field gaging, soldering,
or delicate work. Great for measuring vibration on large machines
where rigidity makes accelerometer measurements inadequate.

Powered by our Equinox Microtelemetry, it is wireless capable and has the ability to sample strain data at up to 31,250sps with picostrain sensitivity. A single RP-SMA coaxial connection provides both power and tx/rx data from the unit.

  • Up to 31,250samples/sec 24-bit data (configurable)
  • Picostrain sensitivity
  • Power: wired or wirelessly with up to two power antennas
  • Rated for use up to to 150°C
  • On-board temperature measurement
  • Intelligent on-board diagnostics
  • Capable of wireless power excitation using Suprock RF stationary equipment such as Cygnus
  • Outputs data to either USB or PoE via our Wireless Module Receiver

Suggested Applications:

• CNC Machines
• Lathes
• Swiss Machines
• Pumps
• Fans
• Pressure
• Hard Bearing Balancing
• Machine calibration
• Linkage stresses
• Gear Backlash & Tooth Wear
• Imbalance detection
• Looseness detection
• Control system feedback
• Crack detection and crack
growth monitoring

Kit Includes:

  • Digital coax strain measurement module
  • WMR USB receiver
  • Coax cable (comment or email how much you need before ordering)
  • Data acquisition and viewing software
  • Everything needed to obtain and record/view strain data on PC