IP67 Armored Chemical Resistant Industrial USB Sensor Cable


IP67 Armored Chemical Resistant Industrial USB Sensor Cable


A superior industrial USB interconnect cable with armored overbraid, low impedance shield, and IP67 miniature device connection. This cable assembly connects to our USB telemetry devices using a miniature IP67 connector. The cable has superior shielding to EMI for use near motor drives and switching equipment common in machine tool applications. The last stage of the cable is over braided to prevent damage. A ground lug is attached at the end of the cable to connect the device side shield to ground. PUR construction ensures longevity, even in caustic environments.

  • Available up to 22′ (6.7m) length, designed for full speed USB. Note longer than 16′ is in technical violation of the USB specification.
  • Gold plated terminals.
  • PUR construction
  • IP67, capable of submerged use.
  • Miniature sensor connector termination eases wire routing.
  • EMI resistant, ultra low impedance shield.
  • Machined features from stainless steel and naval brass including junction shield and connector ferrules.

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Weight .7 kg


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