Power Plant Emergency Oil Pump Backup (EBOP) Test Kit


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Emergency backup oil pump system failures routinely cause turbine-generator losses in excess of $20 million dollars. Traditional EBOP testing methods are difficult to set up, leaving room for error and putting the test at risk. SuprockTech has developed a turn-key system to administer this test easily and effectively with minimal setup time. The test data capture is recorded with no time limit and can run unattended. No more fighting with complex scopes and endless setup menus only to risk the capture at the moment of testing!

The system meets Category III voltage safety requirements for the HV inputs and can be left connected for unattended use.

The test kit can be easily expanded to include wireless vibration monitoring of the pump motor. This wireless vibration monitoring toolkit is powerful beyond the EBOP task having applications in route monitoring tasks, continuous monitoring service (GTI Predictive), or for measurement of structural vibrations.

The system simultaneously measures these parameters:

  • Motor current
  • Motor Voltage
  • Oil Pressures
  • Pump RPM
  • Motor Bearing Vibration (Optional)
  • Air/oil seals

Includes pressure sending unit, ammeter sending unit, fused protected HV sense lines, speed sense photo-tachometer, laptop with free software, and coaxial cabling (buyer specified lengths to meet your plant layout).

Easy set up and records automatically on our free PC software.