Suprocktech High Speed Power Sensor

The Suprock Tech 3 phase power transducer offers unbridled high speed power analytical measurements that capture fast transients and switching signals in high speed brushless motor drivers, variable frequency drives, and power converter output. The ability to sense fast power data demolishes previous limitations of analog power transducers that can only see average/RMS power while missing valuable peak and transient information.

With the ability to transfer 21,000W, our power transducer is both an investigative and continual monitoring workhorse that can handle industrial loads. This product delivers measurement answers to the power transient behavior of modern switching systems such as inverters and motor drives. Furthermore the excellent dynamic range allows monitoring of very small signals down to microvolt/milliamp levels. Convenient digital connectivity featuring high-speed USB and Ethernet.



Technical Specifications

• Sampling Rate: 256,000 samples per second
• 6-ch synchronous
• 3-ph voltage, 3-ph current
• Bandwidth (-3dB): 52kHz
• Over 35hp power handling
• Voltage Rating: 600V RMS Category II, 300V RMS Category III
• Voltage Transient without damage or arcing: 4kV
• Voltage Nominal Range: +-848V (equivalent to 600V RMS)
• Voltage Measurement Range: +-890V
• Voltage Resolution: 174uV
6A Variant:
• Measurement Range (peak): 20A RMS
• Current Resolution: 4.7uA
15A Variant:
• Measurement Range (peak): 15A RMS
• Current Resolution: 11.7uA
25A Variant:
• Measurement Range (peak): 85A RMS
• Current Resolution: 19.5uA

Power Sensor PDF Spec Sheet