Turbo Commander

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The Turbo Commander is a cutting edge Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) controller. Compatible with Holset CAN, Garrett, BorgWarner and more. Diesel or Gas.


The Turbo Commander is a cutting edge Universal Variable Geometry Turbocharger controller and telemetry package. Perfect for VGT retrofits, performance upgrades, and high efficiency. Compatible with Holset, BorgWarner, and more. Diesel or gas.

Variable Geometry Turbochargers can change geometric shape in response to changing engine conditions. By monitoring sensor feedback from the turbocharger, the Turbo Commander can simultaneously control multiple actuators for optimal torque at a wide range of RPM. Using one actuator, a basic variable geometry control can be implemented – using multiple actuators, competition setups such as exotic manifold afterburners can be controlled.

The Turbo Commander has an extensive feature set and premium specifications for control and data acquisition. Please refer to the manual for detailed information including application examples. Basic features include:

  • Easy USB connectivity.
  • Ability to program control parameters using included PC software.
  • Full out-of-the-box Holset CAN bus compability.
  • Stepper and Solenoid outputs.
  • Bluetooth connectivity to Android app / live display.
  • High-Efficiency cruise mode
  • Measurement of turbo parameters including EGTs, pressures, speeds, flow, and more.
  • Exhaust Brake mode
  • High speed time synchronous logging of turbo parameters at 1000 samples per second.

Click here to view the Turbo Commander Technical Operating Manual.
Click here to view the Turbo Commander Overview.

The product includes:

  • Turbo Commander
  • Charge air temperature thermocouple
  • Exhaust temperature thermocouple
  • M12 cable for stepper motor applications.
  • Charge pressure sensor (built into the controller)
  • Exhaust pressure sensor (built into the controller)
  • 5’ Trelleborg platinum cured 500F braided silicone hose
  • Billet inline exhaust particulate filter for exhaust pressure
  • Blade type inline fuse holder.
  • 3M T-Tap connectors for easy wiring integration.
  • USB cable
  • Turbo Commander Windows software.
  • Turbo Commander Bluetooth App (available free on Google Play Store)

Click here to download TC Software, Windows 64 bit
Click here to download TC Software, Windows 32 bit



Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 4 cm


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