VibePro 24/7 Permanent Wireless Vibration Monitoring System


VibePro 24/7 is the most advanced turn-key wireless solution for continuous asset
vibration and wear monitoring. An unlimited number of wireless motes are managed by a rugged
central base station to acquire data for intelligent trending. All machine data is collected one
place reducing the need for route collection. The standard VibePro 24/7 mote contains an
advanced 3-axis acceleration and temperature sensor which sets a new standard for frequency
bandwidth while maintaining outstanding sensitivity. The VibePro 24/7 hardware is designed for
demanding environments, and is easy to install, enabling a minimal time investment to
implement a complete monitoring solution. An expanded antenna selection makes VibePro 24/7
suited for long range data collection tasks. Through the VibePro web app, asset condition and
predictive data are available from any internet connected device, anywhere in the world – 24/7

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