The extreme conditions of the aerospace industry are a perfect match for the leading-edge engineering at SuprockTech. Our wireless power and high temperature sensor capabilities enable complex measurements in environments that have been historically impossible. Our experience with composites, sensor integration, and exotic materials such as Beryllium alloys enable us to provide solutions to complex problems quickly and effectively. 

Digital sensors developed by Suprock have significant advantages over their analog counterparts such as extreme EMI immunity for wired sensors and wireless capability.

Our Piezoresistive strain based pressure transducers boast unparalleled sensitivity and dynamic range along with clean, uninterrupted digital signal. They are perfect for hydraulic systems, APUs, cabin comfort and galley applications. They are also suitable for aerospace test and measurement applications.

Our high-temp strain sensors are now capable of providing a signal at temperatures exceeding 1,500°F, opening up entirely new measurement possibilities.  In the Engine, turbine and APU department, Health and Usage Monitoring (HUMS) can now be achieved with data coming straight from the source in high heat areas. 

Our digital strain-based force sensors provide outstanding signal and dynamic range without worry of EMI interference. Possible applications include:

  • Landing gear force sensors
  • Center of gravity force sensors
  • Lift load sensors
  • Wing vibration/load
  • Airframe strain/load

Detect manufacturing defects, premature wear, and other issues that result in increased maintenance costs and costly unexpected downtime. 

Dynamic torque measurements are an invaluable resource for ascertaining the health of your machine. Traditional vibration sensors are often incapable of measuring torsional vibrations, a silent killer of rotating machinery. Our wireless torque sensors are extremely easy to install and can be used to:

  • Predict system degradation
  • Monitor overload conditions
  • Ensure proper rotor/engine load balancing
  • Analyze drive-line resonance
  • Flight control feedback
  • Determine status of critical rotating components

Application examples include:

  • Landing gear brake torque sensors
  • Helicopter driveshaft vibration monitoring and balancing
  • Engine/Rotor load balancing

The interior of an aircraft/spacecraft can be a very noisy environment. Our digital coax based sensors provide peace of mind that monitoring systems and controls are receiving the cleanest, most reliable data possible. 

Have an extreme application no one else can measure? Our specialty is getting actionable data where others say it’s impossible. For quotes/info on custom telemetry systems contact us @

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