Exceptionally informative data from SuprockTech sensors can be used by engineers to better predict maintenance intervals and identify component degradation. Our practical rugged telemetry designs enable marine maintenance personnel and contractors to do their job quickly and more effectively. All of our solutions are designed from the ground up with lightning fast installations in mind so clients can make informed decisions that save time and cost.

Suprocktech strain gages and load cells offer outstanding dynamic range, ruggedness, and submersibility ideal for:

  • Rigging loads
  • Shaft alignment
  • Outboard engine alignment
  • Mooring Loads
  • Anchoring loads
  • Fish Cage Loads
  • Towing loads
  • Sheave Loads

Dynamic torque measurements are an invaluable resource for ascertaining the health of your machine. Traditional vibration sensors are often incapable of measuring torsional vibrations, a silent killer of rotating machinery. Our wireless torque sensors are extremely easy to install and can be used to:

  • Predict system degradation
  • Ensure proper rotor/engine load balancing
  • Analyze drive-line resonance
  • Determine status of critical rotating components
  • Engine monitoring
  • Optimizing engine operating parameters and fuel consumption

Our digital strain gages are easy to network and install, making them ideal for integration with tiltmeters for diagnosing structural issues during operation. 

Making measurements in areas that were previously impossible, our high-temp strain sensing technology is poised to provide new levels of safety and predictive maintenance for the power industry. We are only beginning to scratch the surface of applications for this burgeoning technology:

  • Direct bearing measurements
  • Boilers
  • Steam system on commercial and military vessels

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