The gearheads at Suprock Technologies have always been involved in motorsports ranging from rally cars to diesel power; so it’s no wonder our expertise in telemetry and exotic materials have satisfied technical applications into the Automotive sector. Our Warren, NH headquarters is fully equipped with vehicle development and testing facilities. We are using our advanced sensor and telemetry systems to develop new racing and transportation technology. Our telemetry technologies are applied to resolve measurement questions in the areas of vehicle dynamics, performance, efficiency and optimization. 

Dynamic torque measurements from axles and driveshafts are a holy grail of racecar data acquisition that hasn’t been practical or easy to implement until now.

It can be extremely helpful to know true torque from the left and right axles in order to tune the rear differential properly for maximum corner exit grip. In this case, traditional speed sensors are inadequate as the data is irrelevant once a tire loses grip, leaving engineers blind. Traditionally, differential and suspension setup is done by trial and error during repeated test drives, relying mostly on driver feedback. Knowing true torque readings, race engineers can measure the level of torque along with suspension loading up to and including the moment the tire loses grip for faster and more effective race car setup.

Our low-cost Microtelemetry modules are perfect for obtaining high-speed wireless torque measurements directly from driveshafts and axles. They are non destructive and extremely easy to install.

Torque measurements are great for:

  • Differential balancing and adjustment
  • Real time torque values
  • Load measurements for active engine mounts
  • Early vibration detection
  • More accurate feedback for traction control systems


Traditional piezo-electric knock detection is highly prone to false positives caused by vibration and noise. This is a huge problem in high-vibration racing applications. False positives cause increased fuel consumption and reduced power as a result of needlessly retarded spark timing.

Suprocktech’s strain-based knock sensing solution directly mounted to the engine block provides a knock signal to the ECU only when the block itself experiences the shock of a detonation event. This greatly reduces the possibility of false positives. 

LVDT’s and position sensors work well for providing deflection information of suspension components but a lot of valuable information is lost in translation during transients and loading. 

A strain-based approach provides crucial information on loading even before any motion is registered in the suspension. This type of data is extremely valuable in racing and testing applications for making damping adjustments and validating aero modifications.

The Turbo Commander is a cutting edge Universal Variable Geometry Turbocharger controller and telemetry package. Perfect for VGT retrofits, performance upgrades, and high efficiency. Compatible with Holset, BorgWarner, and more. Diesel or gas.

Variable Geometry Turbochargers can change geometric shape in response to changing engine conditions. By monitoring sensor feedback from the turbocharger, the Turbo Commander can simultaneously control multiple actuators for optimal torque at a wide range of RPM. Using one actuator, a basic variable geometry control can be implemented – using multiple actuators, competition setups such as exotic manifold afterburners can be controlled.

The Turbo Commander has an extensive feature set and premium specifications for control and data acquisition. Please refer to the manual for detailed information including application examples. Basic features include:

  • Easy USB connectivity.
  • Ability to program control parameters using included PC software.
  • Full out-of-the-box Holset CAN bus compability.
  • Stepper and Solenoid outputs.
  • Bluetooth connectivity to Android app / live display.
  • High-Efficiency cruise mode
  • Measurement of turbo parameters including EGTs, pressures, speeds, flow, and more.
  • Exhaust Brake mode
  • High speed time synchronous logging of turbo parameters at 1000 samples per second.

Click here to view the Turbo Commander Technical Operating Manual.
Click here to view the Turbo Commander Overview. 

The product includes:

  • Turbo Commander
  • Charge air temperature thermocouple
  • Exhaust temperature thermocouple
  • M12 cable for stepper motor applications.
  • Charge pressure sensor (built into the controller)
  • Exhaust pressure sensor (built into the controller)
  • 5’ Trelleborg platinum cured 500F braided silicone hose
  • Billet inline exhaust particulate filter for exhaust pressure
  • Blade type inline fuse holder.
  • 3M T-Tap connectors for easy wiring integration.
  • USB cable
  • Turbo Commander Windows software.
  • Turbo Commander Bluetooth App (available free on Google Play Store) 

Click here to download TC Software, Windows 64 bit
Click here to download TC Software, Windows 32 bit

Our Wireless Digital sensors are ultra ligtweight, fully potted and oil resistant making it possible to measure loads on internal engine components such as connecting rods.  

Have an extreme application no one else can measure? Our specialty is getting actionable data where others say it’s impossible. For quotes/info on custom telemetry systems contact us @

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