Suprock Technologies

Steel and Paper Mills

Suprocktech’s ground-breaking advancements in high-temperature sensor development is a match made in heaven for the Steel and Paper industries. Using our high-temp strain technology, direct strain and torque measurements at locations exceeding 1000°F are now possible, enabling better knowledge of plant operations and potential reductions in costly down-time. 

Suprocktech wireless strain sensors can be mounted directly on rollers for real-time torque measurements. 

These measurements can be very useful for ensuring smooth operation of roll mills, especially continuous mills where the torque needs to be balanced properly between stands.

Making measurements in areas that were previously impossible, our high-temp strain sensing technology is poised to provide new levels of safety and predictive maintenance for the industry. We are only beginning to scratch the surface of applications for this burgeoning technology.

The superior sample rates and dynamic range of Suprock vibration and strain sensors have the ability to predict issues with bearings long before traditional systems giving operators more time to prepare and schedule downtimes for maintenance.

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