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SuprockTech specializes in the development of technologies to satisfy extreme requirements with pragmatic solutions. We are a vertically integrated shop with state of the art research capabilities, development skills, and prototype manufacturing capability. We provide beaucoup engineering expertise and a multi-disciplinary problem solving team.

Where other firms hesitate to face the unknown, SuprockTech embraces the art of turning unusual challenges into cost-saving solutions. Our designers are able to produce novel solutions that give our clients a market advantage and technological superiority to the competition. Our specialties include sensor and telemetry equipment ranging from semiconductor fabrication to system integration.


Summary of R&D capabilities:

  • Product development with a focus on specialized sensing and telemetry related systems.
  • Extreme research measurements for obtaining signals in hostile environments of temperature, acceleration, and wireless battery-free telemetry. 
  • Radio frequency battery free telemetry design for high data rate and high dynamic range requirements. 
  • Development of specialized sensor & telemetry tool kits for industry problem solving or field measurement requirements.
  • Turn-key data acquisition solutions including license-free software libraries that are ready for adopting into your product or system on Windows, Linux, or embedded platforms. 


Summary of prototyping capabilities:

  • Full electronics prototyping and short run capabilities. Including standard and exotic PCB and board technologies.
    Mechanical shop including CNC, milling, turning, and adjunct mechanical tool works. 
  • Automotive facility for test and measurement on vehicle components and subsystems. 
  • High temperature test and measurement equipment. 
  • Radio Frequency laboratory including test and measurement equipment for circuit design, development, and RF evaluation of equipment.
  • Electronics laboratory including a full compliment of test and measurement equipment for telemetry design, calibration, and analysis.
  • Semiconductor processing capability for custom piezoresistive sensor design, fabrication, and testing.

Manufacturing capabilities. Suprock Technologies can transfer your completed design to production. This includes complete design package deliverables for internal production. Suprock also is partnered with contract product manufacturing firms in the greater Boston area. 

Success Stories
Francesco Lagrutta

Success Story: Hydropower output limitation lifted using TDMS data

The situation: Von Mises stress calculations on Hydro unit forced plant operators to run well below rated capacity of 57.5MW. Running at 55MW, the rotor was calculated to be exceeding the material limits of 8000psi shear and 13,333.33psi von Mises combined stress when running at capacity. The solution: live torque monitoring of the shaft (as

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Success Stories
Christopher Suprock

Success story: Suprocktech EBOP Testing System

The Issue: Emergency backup oil pump system failures routinely cause turbine-generator losses in excess of $20 million dollars. Traditional EBOP testing methods are difficult to set up, leaving room for error and putting the test at risk. Customer needed an easier, more repeatable test to help prevent catastrophic bearing failure during outages. The original test

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Success Stories
Francesco Lagrutta

Success Story: TDMS Torsional Dynamic Monitoring System for Steam, Gas, and Hydroelectric Turbines

Grid behavior in today’s power generation environment is a stochastic system that is more variable than in the past. One common issue is the response to economic dispatch, in which formerly baseload thermal generation units are now operating as load-following or peaking units and incurring substantive mechanical and thermal stress. Operation of these units outside

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Success Stories
Francesco Lagrutta

Success Story: Predictive Spindle Maintenance Development with GTI Predictive

GTI is the first and only company to offer a complete line of iPad based apps for route monitoring and condition based evaluation of industrial assets including wireless rotor balancing. GTI recognized the need for improved signals and wireless data acquisition compatible with their Apps. At GTI’s request, Suprock was able to design the GTI

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Success Stories
Francesco Lagrutta

Success Story: Adaptive CNC Machine Control and Monitoring with Caron Engineering

Caron Engineering has always been at the forefront of CNC process monitoring and control. Their software and control integration expertise is unparalleled and respected globally. With the advent of improved computing power Caron was advancing their monitoring algorithms to a point where commercially available sensors became the limit. Rob Caron recognized the need for state

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