The industry that started it all. in 2008, Suprock Technologies introduced wireless power into the cutting tool industry with dynamic measurement telemetry embedded in cutting tool holders. From there, we have continued to innovate, while being heavily involved in development with our partners Caron Engineering and GTI Predictive. In the manufacturing sector, our sensor technology serves to measure full machine parameters for the purpose of predictive maintenance and adaptive control. We have also leveraged our advanced materials expertise in the development of lightweight composite tool holders and boring bars. 

Caron Engineering has always been at the forefront of CNC process monitoring and control. Their software and control integration expertise is unparalleled and respected globally. With the advent of improved computing power Caron was advancing their monitoring algorithms to a point where commercially available sensors became the limit. Rob Caron recognized the need for state of the art sensors and telemetry equipment as part of his forward strategy in developing new monitoring technologies. In 2008 Caron Engineering began integrating Suprock sensors and telemetry into their repertoire of manufacturing monitoring solutions. After serial successes Suprock partnered with Caron to derive a complete suite of sensor solutions and offer packaged systems. This partnership helps to ensure Caron remains the premier CNC monitoring authority with signal acquisition technologies a decade ahead of the competition.

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GTI is the first and only company to offer a complete line of iPad based apps for route monitoring and condition based evaluation of industrial assets including wireless rotor balancing. GTI recognized the need for improved signals and wireless data acquisition compatible with their Apps. At GTI’s request, Suprock was able to design the GTI 220, GTI 110, and GTI 24/7 hardware systems. The sensor and telemetry technologies have disrupted the industry for asset monitoring by exceeding all competitive specifications. Suprock was able to satisfy these needs through custom sensor design, telemetry design, hardware implementation, and communication protocol deliverables. Our ongoing work with GTI ensures that the GTI solution suite is able to maintain dominance in the high end asset monitoring market.

We offer strain based telemetry for flat-die thread rolling machines such as Waterbury, Fette, and Kinefac. Embedded sensors in backing plates record a signature of the rolling process and reports an alarm or stops machine when any deviations are detected such as:

  • Cracked Dies
  • Broken Stripper Plates
  • Forming Defects
  • Loose Tooling
  • Chips
  • Pulled Slugs
  • Scrap Build-up
  • Transfer Issues
  • Worn Tooling
We offer turn-key systems with smart-factory implementations as well as integration into machine controls / PLCs.
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There’s nothing boring about the savings in cutting time and chatter reduction you will enjoy with our composite tooling. 

Our composite boring bars exceptional stiffness and lightweight helps reduce vibration and chatter more effectively than steel tooling when machining.

Composites boast elasticity modulus up to 379 GPa compared to 200 GPa for steel. That enables a composite tool to experience nearly twice the cutting force and have the same deflection as steel, thereby allowing users to increase chip loads.

Composite tooling also helps reduce vibration and chatter more effectively than steel tooling when machining, that’s because the polymer bond between the individual fibers is effective at damping energy and dissipating that energy as low-level heat.

Have an extreme application no one else can measure? Our specialty is getting actionable data where others say it’s impossible. For quotes/info on custom telemetry systems contact us @

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