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Developing novel monitoring solutions that resolve industry-wide issues for the is a core part of our business. Suprock Tech addresses power generation industry needs by providing cost-effective actionable R&D through direct deliverables to Public Utilities and through our established relationship with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). Knowing how much money our client’s time is worth during outages, our solutions are designed to combine the cleanest data with the fastest installation times in the business. Our pragmatic solutions and field experience allows us to work with Utilities as a partner, delivering cost saving answers through a variety of unprecedented sensing technologies. We are continually working with Utilities and OEMs to advance the state of the art and expand the limits of actionable data acquisition. Suprock Tech is a front line resource when Public Utilities need mission-critical information from difficult measurement locations.


TDMS is the world’s premier shaft mounted torsional vibration testing system for Nuclear, Fossil, Hydro, and large shaft pumps/motors.

What sets us apart is battery-free wireless power which allows us to collect real-time data continuously for extended periods of time. The combination of strain and acceleration data allow us to see modes through all operating conditions, there are no special operational requirements during testing. We have been able to get on-rotor installation times down to a few hours.

  The TDMS monitors torsional strain, lateral strain, tangential acceleration, and radial acceleration. With all of these parameters, the full dynamics of the rotor train are shown from a single axial installation location. Direct shaft mounting provides better quality data with more favorable signal to noise ratio over other systems. Because of our compact design and wireless power, we can also do installations in close quarter locations such as bearing housings that other companies cannot. 

For more information on TDMS, Contact Us or visit our website @ http://turbinedms.com

Emergency backup oil pump system failures routinely cause turbine-generator losses in excess of $20 million dollars. Traditional EBOP testing methods are difficult to set up, leaving room for error and putting the test at risk. SuprockTech has developed a turn-key system to administer this test easily and effectively with minimal setup time. The test data capture is recorded with no time limit and can run unattended. No more fighting with complex scopes and endless setup menus only to risk the capture at the moment of testing!

The system meets Category III voltage safety requirements for the HV inputs and can be left connected for unattended use.

The test kit can be easily expanded to include wireless vibration monitoring of the pump motor. This wireless vibration monitoring toolkit is powerful beyond the EBOP task having applications in route monitoring tasks, continuous monitoring service (GTI Predictive), or for measurement of structural vibrations.

The system simultaneously measures these parameters:

  • Motor current
  • Motor Voltage
  • Oil Pressures
  • Pump RPM
  • Motor Bearing Vibration (Optional)
  • Air/oil seals

Includes pressure sending unit, ammeter sending unit, fused protected HV sense lines, speed sense photo-tachometer, laptop with free software, and coaxial cabling (buyer specified lengths to meet your plant layout).

Easy set up and records automatically on our free PC software. 

Download the installation guide below:

 EBOP Test Kit Easy Install Guide

Through our partnership with Caron Engineering, we now have the ability to integrate our state of the art sensing systems with existing plant systems such as OSI Pi and SCADA. From fans and pumps to boilers and turbines, we got you covered. 


“Unplanned outage,” words that send chills through the spine of plant operators worldwide. Here at Suprocktech, we prevent unplanned outages by taking a holistic approach to hydro system monitoring that ranges from targeted sensors for problem machines all the way to fleetwide monitoring solutions.  Use our free software for temporary/single-machine measurements or upgrade to a full PoE telemetry solution. 



Making measurements in areas that were previously impossible, our high-temp strain sensing technology is poised to provide new levels of safety and predictive maintenance for the power industry. We are only beginning to scratch the surface of applications for this burgeoning technology:

  • Direct Boiler Health Monitoring
  • Steam valve monitoring for missile prevention
  • Thermal cycling monitoring for HRSG
  • Pipe crotch monitoring

For more information about our high-temp strain capabilities Contact us

Extend the life of your wind turbine components with active monitoring solutions from SuprockTech. Direct shaft torque monitoring can detect sudden changes in torque allowing more time for the control system to apply the brakes, thus lessening shock to gearbox components. Shaft mounted monitoring can see issues such as:

  • Gear Backlash
  • Transmission bearings
  • General transmission problems
  • Rapid changes in torque
  • Potential generator faults such as winding and delamination

For more info on Suprock Tech Wind Turbine monitoring, Contact us.

Have an extreme application no one else can measure? Our specialty is getting actionable data where others say it’s impossible. For quotes/info on custom telemetry systems contact us @ inquiries@suprocktech.com

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