Advanced Strain Gages & Transducer Technologies

Suprocktech is the most advanced source of turn-key custom strain gages and specialized transducer technologies. We are mission-ready for your critical transducer needs. No competing technologies come close to matching the capabilities that Suprocktech delivers in extreme survival, size, and rapid customization. Employing materials forged in the stars, the usual limitations of adhesive creep, low frequency response, and high temperature instability have been obliterated, opening up a new world of applications and actionable data.

Leverage our turn-key & vertical integrated processes to make exactly the sensor your application requires. In combination with our telemetry products these sensors enable a perfect end-to-end solution. The future of extreme strain gage and transducer technologies is with Suprock Technologies.

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Semiconductor strain gages (SSGs):

  • Single crystal semiconductor type. Gage factors up to 200.
  • Creep-free adhesiveless semiconductor gage assemblies.
  • Medium temperature semiconductor gage assemblies and transducers. Up to 1000F.
  • Medical implantable strain gage technologies.
  • Zero adhesive & bio compatible sensor materials.
  • DFM semiconductor gages “perfect matched” for robotic manufacturing.
  • Reeling options for low cost mass production.
  • Consultation and design guidance available for OEM applications.

Nova strain gages (NSGs):

  • Direct-to-metal application down to  <1um height profiles for aeroelastics and hypersonic applications.
  • Adhesive-less bonding infinitely absolute stability.
  • Application dependent temperature survival to 3100F (1700C).
  • Long term service temperature above 1500F (815C).
  • Stable gage factor from room temperature to destruction.
  • Fully biocompatible.
  • Fast design of custom transducers or gage assemblies.
  • Field weldable/brazed transducer assemblies.

High-Speed Strain DAQ Features

  • High bandwidth static strain to whatever the structure can handle
  • 256ksps
  • 24-bit resolution and > 120dB dynamic range
  • Ultrasonic strain bandwidth of 100kHz+
  • 3 wire PT100 RTD input for extreme temperature accuracy
  • DIN rail mount with connector termination
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) network capable
  • Forward compatible with IEEE 1588 global time alignment within nanoseconds.


  • Power and refinery boilers
  • Combustion dynamics
  • HRSG boilers
  • Commercial engines
  • Gas core nuclear rockets
  • Hypersonic skin-drag/temp
  • Civil structures
  • Satellites
  • Special measurements
  • Astrophysical measurements / gravity
    wave measurements
  • Boiler on-line hot component
    structural NDT
  • Deaerator vessel dynamics
  • HRSG Components
  • Gas turbine injector validation
  • Combustion chamber pressure
  • Cavitation measurements
  • High strain rate measurements
  • Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar/Kolsky Bar
  • Prediction of volcanic eruptions (Ground
    strain wave measurement)
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