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Haptica employs our wireless torque monitoring technology for vehicle testing in Europe

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Our EU partners at Haptica Milano are employing our wireless torque monitoring technology to help their client diagnose a torsional vibration issue on vehicle shafts and its relation to resonances in the body. Our wireless torque modules powered by our newest Equinox telemetry is capable of 31ksps of dynamic and static strain for measuring torsion, […]


Acheron Update: Limit functionality with automated email alerts!

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Reduced staff and ever changing environment make it difficult to keep machines running optimally. One of the best ways to combat this problem is by monitoring important parameters such as vibration, pressure, temperature, etc.  Machine health monitoring allows operators to better prioritize their time for a smoother running shop and less downtime. Our free DAQ […]

Hydropower Monitoring Solutions

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Hydropower Monitoring Solutions Modern grid issues, old age and flex-ops have brought numerous new problems to the hydropower industry. A comprehensive monitoring system is the best way to stay ahead of the curve. While hydroturbine equipment can be quite stout, excessive start-stops, running loads outside design parameters, cavitation, rim float, and structural issues are becoming […]