Torque sensor embedded in Lovejoy coupling

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Chris does a quick demo and rundown of a custom lovejoy coupling with embedded torque sensor. This is an excellent and minimally invasive method of adding torque monitoring to electric motors and all sorts of industrial equipment. The dynamic range and sensitivity of Suprock sensors allows the custom coupling to be built with equal or […]


Thread rolling telemetry for critical applications

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In critical aerospace applications, it is not uncommon to lose millions of dollars a year in wasted time and material whenever worn tooling or forming defects produce subpar fasteners. Keeping a close eye on machine components with our strain based die monitoring is a great way see these problems developing before a defective piece falls […]

Success Stories

Success Story: Adaptive CNC Machine Control and Monitoring with Caron Engineering

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Caron Engineering has always been at the forefront of CNC process monitoring and control. Their software and control integration expertise is unparalleled and respected globally. With the advent of improved computing power Caron was advancing their monitoring algorithms to a point where commercially available sensors became the limit. Rob Caron recognized the need for state […]