Success Story: Adaptive CNC Machine Control and Monitoring with Caron Engineering

Caron Engineering has always been at the forefront of CNC process monitoring and control. Their software and control integration expertise is unparalleled and respected globally. With the advent of improved computing power Caron was advancing their monitoring algorithms to a point where commercially available sensors became the limit. Rob Caron recognized the need for state of the art sensors and telemetry equipment as part of his forward strategy in developing new monitoring technologies. In 2008 Caron Engineering began integrating Suprock sensors and telemetry into their repertoire of manufacturing monitoring solutions. After serial successes Suprock partnered with Caron to derive a complete suite of sensor solutions and offer packaged systems. This partnership helps to ensure Caron remains the premier CNC monitoring authority with signal acquisition technologies a decade ahead of the competition. The Suprock-Caron alliance is an intellectual powerhouse and represents the best type of joint collaboration between complimentary industries.

If you own CNC equipment and are interested in the latest in time and money saving adaptive control visit their website here:

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