New EPRI report dropped: High-Temperature Strain Gage Development for Fossil Boiler Applications

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EPRI has released a report chronicling the history and development of Suprock high temperature strain gages in terms of thermal power plant applications. After hitting a limit with interconnect quality of silicon gage technology, new avenues were explored employing novel thin film construction techniques. The resulting gages have been operating successfully in various applications over […]

Advanced Strain Gages & Transducer Technologies

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Advanced Strain Gages & Transducer Technologies Suprocktech is the most advanced source of turn-key custom strain gages and specialized transducer technologies. We are mission-ready for your critical transducer needs. No competing technologies come close to matching the capabilities that Suprocktech delivers in extreme survival, size, and rapid customization. Employing materials forged in the stars, the […]