EPRI TGUG 2019 in Savannah, GA

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Chris shows off the Suprock Technologies booth at the EPRI Turbine Generator User’s Group Meeting in Savannah, GA 2019. Our usual turbine monitoring systems are supplemented by a host of predictive maintenance and frequency analysis capabilities, with upcoming integration into SCADA and data acquisition systems.


EMI Immune digital coaxial sensors

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  The coaxial vibration sensor is designed for extreme electromagnetic noise environments including switching motor monitoring in CNC machines as well as opening up groundbreaking possibilities in power plant monitoring applications. Mechanical bandwidth up to 22kHz covering a wide variety of condition monitoring needs. EMI is a constant struggle with telemetry systems. Analog systems have […]

Success Stories

Success Story: Adaptive CNC Machine Control and Monitoring with Caron Engineering

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Caron Engineering has always been at the forefront of CNC process monitoring and control. Their software and control integration expertise is unparalleled and respected globally. With the advent of improved computing power Caron was advancing their monitoring algorithms to a point where commercially available sensors became the limit. Rob Caron recognized the need for state […]