Recent install @ Sir Adam Beck Generating Station

Recently we helped out our neighbors to the north with Hydro TG torsional monitoring in the most prestigious powerhouses in North America. Our friends at OPG were interested in monitoring TG performance and civil structure performance on the Niagara Sir Adam Beck plant. The installations were performed in conjunction with Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and thus far we have collected over 7TB of data characterizing the performance of these hydro TGs in all of their operating states.

Hydro mounting of TDMS equipment can be done non-invasively and avoiding existing structural obstacles, such as beam dollies. We are excited to be working through EPRI to report results on this monitoring project which are highly positive for detecting acute problems as well as long term performance. This is a great example of using the TDMS technology to improve the predictive maintenance portfolio public service Utility tasked with the electrical cornerstone of modern society.

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