Are you powerless?

Could a simple request for electrical power may render you powerless to make a effective engineering measurement?

A recent series of inquiries has brought an interesting perspective about how engineers digest and compartmentalize different components of our integrated telemetry technologies. Measurements and wireless power transfer are two aspects of our telemetry that go hand-in-hand. However, formal schooling of most engineers results in a logical separation of these two mutually specified subsystems as being “independent” or stand-alone. While the technologies can be compartmentalized, the elegance of our systems is that they are integrated as one organism and the measurement components are optimized to work efficiently from wireless excitation. Our integrated solutions have technical and economic advantages for a client. The foremost advantage is that our telemetry can run from very low power excitation reducing the number of antennas, lowering installation complexity, and increasing power transmission distance. Other technical advantages are numerous- including better signal to noise and elimination of environmental electrical noise sources.

Thus when a client requests that they want us to provide wireless power for use with generic measurement equipment, they have failed to grasp the advantages that our core technologies may offer to them. Of course we can send watts… but you might just be missing the best part. Wireless power is a supporting element to our core sensor technologies. For example, asking us to power and transmit data from proximity probes is analogous to watching a faded VHS tape on a 4k television when you have access to the Bluray version… We can do vastly better than many legacy technologies to serve you actionable engineering data.

Don’t render yourself powerless to obtain excellent signals from machine components.

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