Recent install @ Sir Adam Beck Generating Station

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Recently we helped out our neighbors to the north with Hydro TG torsional monitoring in the most prestigious powerhouses in North America. Our friends at OPG were interested in monitoring TG performance and civil structure performance on the Niagara Sir Adam Beck plant. The installations were performed in conjunction with Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) […]


High temperature measurements in the context of aerospace turbines

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High temperature sensors enable turbine measurements. Our sensors can go significantly above 1000 degrees F, making dynamic strain and pressure measurements a reality for optimizing combustion heat engines. In discussions with an engineer who works with the aerospace industry, I was asked about high temperature measurement parameters that would benefit the optimization of gas turbines… […]


Are you powerless?

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Could a simple request for electrical power may render you powerless to make a effective engineering measurement? A recent series of inquiries has brought an interesting perspective about how engineers digest and compartmentalize different components of our integrated telemetry technologies. Measurements and wireless power transfer are two aspects of our telemetry that go hand-in-hand. However, […]