High-temp strain gage stability demonstration and update

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Dr. Suprock demonstrates our high-temp strain gages’ remarkable stability at extreme temperatures (1,200°F) The max constant operating temp of our gages is currently 1800°F/980°C. Even better, this stability comes with supersonic frequency bandwidth, useful for gas turbine combustion dynamics, HRSG monitoring, boiler pipe crack monitoring, etc. These strain gages can now be “printed” onto metal […]

Advanced Strain Gages & Transducer Technologies

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Advanced Strain Gages & Transducer Technologies Suprocktech is the most advanced source of turn-key custom strain gages and specialized transducer technologies. We are mission-ready for your critical transducer needs. No competing technologies come close to matching the capabilities that Suprocktech delivers in extreme survival, size, and rapid customization. Employing materials forged in the stars, the […]


High-temp strain gage advancement

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  Testing our high-temp strain gage on a cantilever beam @ 1000°F. Measurements are proving stable at these temperatures for extended periods of time. Looks like it is ready for prime-time in the field. Practical applications include boilers, aerospace, crotch weld crack propagation, steam valve monitoring, direct bearing health monitoring, etc.