EMI Immune digital coaxial sensors


The coaxial vibration sensor is designed for extreme electromagnetic noise environments including switching motor monitoring in CNC machines as well as opening up groundbreaking possibilities in power plant monitoring applications. Mechanical bandwidth up to 22kHz covering a wide variety of condition monitoring needs.

EMI is a constant struggle with telemetry systems. Analog systems have difficulty rejecting noise in the sensor bandwidth while digital systems struggle with complex wiring or interface sizes. The Suprock Tech coaxial vibration sensor is a high speed digital sensor that has been designed with a robust and simple coaxial connection. The sensor is demonstrated with approximately 20′ of line parallel to a switching welder. The sensor maintains a consistent vibration signal that is uninterrupted with no stochastic signal related to EMI.

This is technically impressive considering the broadband nature of arc discharge and the peak currents being extremely high during inrush from the welding power supply. This telemetry allows users to deploy standard coaxial cable instead of high cost optical interfaces which require remote power and add project overhead. Engineering and maintenance overhead of these sensors significantly reduced compared to optical data connections. Furthermore small compact sensor size is preserved!

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